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Hearing aid maintenance

Hearing aid maintenance

To preserve your hearing aids in good condition as long as possible, a daily maintenance is required. Here are three steps recommended for hearing aid maintenance.


Step 1: Cleaning your hearing aid

This first step is essential to remove all residues that can block the receiver’s output of your hearing aid. Use a small brush to gently clean and a wax loop to lift the particles and residues.


Step 2: Disinfection of your hearing aid

This step is important as your hearing aids are constantly in touch with earwax, dry skin and bacteria. For disinfection, use a disinfectant, especially on the parts that are in contact with your ear, and wipe with a clean and dry tissue.

Step 3: Dehumidifying your hearing aid

To remove the accumulated moisture in your hearing aids, you will need the dehumidification kit. Remove the lid and place it inside the box. Remove the batteries from your hearing aids and put them in the container provided for this purpose. The batteries must stay in this there all night.


For a complete maintenance, make an appointment with en audioprosthetist once a year.


By Marie-Andrée Côté and Maryse Aubry-Couture, audioprosthetists, Groupe Forget
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