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What is an audioprosthetist?

An audioprosthetist is a hearing health professional who sells, fits, adjusts and replaces hearing aids based on a certificate from a doctor, speech pathologist or audiologist attesting the need for that type of device.

This professional also supports patients so they can adapt to their hearing aids or listening devices as well as possible.

An audioprosthetist works closely with other hearing professionals, including ear, nose and throat doctors (ENTs) and audiologists, as well as with the patient’s family.

Services provided by an audioprosthetist

Using the best technology available, the audioprosthetists at our partner organization, Groupe Forget, Audioprothésistes, program a hearing device’s microprocessor to correct a patient’s hearing loss. Relying on their unique expertise, they suggest the best solutions for each patient’s pace of life and expectations.

These are the main services in audioprosthesis:

  • Hearing aid sales
  • Hearing aid fitting and adjustment
  • Hearing aid maintenance and repair
  • Hearing protection and swimming ear plugs

Learn about the important steps in getting a hearing aid, or make an appointment with an audioprosthetist on our partner’s website:


Note: The hearing aid illustrated will not necessarily fit your needs. An evaluation by an audioprosthetist is required to determine if the hearing aids fit your needs.