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Children’s hearing test


(8 months to 4 years old, based on an audiologist’s evaluation)

What is a complete hearing test for children?

The tests are usually done as games that require the child’s cooperation. The tests are not painful or uncomfortable, and you can stay with your child throughout the exams.

An audiologist conducts the tests. For very young children, there may also be an assistant or another audiologist to help.

The test is done in a soundproof room. Headphones must be placed over the child’s ears. If it is not possible to use the headphones, which may be the case for very young children, the test can be done with speakers.

Your child’s hearing test will include:

  • A visual exam of the external ear canals
  • An impedance analysis: a test to check the mobility of the ear drum and ossicles
  • A hearing test in a soundproof room
  • An otoacoustic emissions test: (see Hearing screening for infants for more about this test)
  • An explanation of the results
  • The report and recommendations, which will be given to you during your visit

If you suspect your child is having issues with hearing development, don’t hesitate to get a hearing test done.

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