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Our hearing health services

Our hearing health services

At Polyclinique de l’Oreille, you’ll benefit from the experience of several hearing health professionals under the same roof. With one call, you will quickly get an appointment and we will ease you through the process in light of your specific needs.


An ENT doctor (otorhinolaryngologist) specializes in illnesses that affect the head and neck, specifically in the ears, nose and throat. The role of the specialist is to diagnose the illness then treat it, with surgery if necessary. An ENT doctor also handles balance problems and vertigo.

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Audiologists are health professionals who assess hearing problems. They pinpoint impairment related to deafness and help the patient and his or her family develop communication strategies and other means of coping. Audiologists work with audioprosthetists to identify and resolve problems associated with hearing loss.

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The audiologist can also evaluate the hearing of children. The techniques are adapted according to age: this evaluation is done by two audiologists.

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Audiologists can also perform hearing screenings for newborns.

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Audioprosthetists are health professionals who advise patients on the best type of hearing correction for their situation. They also teach people how to adapt to their hearing aids or assistive listening devices.

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