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Hearing and cognitive health

The average age of the Quebec population is rising rapidly, and cognitive troubles due to aging are an increasingly significant cause of disability. These cognitive troubles can have a negative impact on memory, judgment, attention, learning and problem solving.
In turn, the ability to remain autonomous and enjoy a good quality of life also suffer.

Did you know hearing loss has a direct link with cognitive health?

Since hearing loss is the third most common chronic health problem among seniors, it is vital to keep an eye out for symptoms. An emerging hearing problem can make communication difficult and result in social withdrawal, which can lead to isolation, loneliness and effects on the person’s cognitive, physical and mental health.

What’s more, studies have noted that hearing loss can be a predictive factor of cognitive decline in elderly patients.

To prevent cognitive decline, make an appointment with an hearing health professional as soon as you notice signs of hearing loss.


I hear, but I don’t understand

One of the consequences of untreated hearing loss is the risk of sensory deprivation, which is the decrease in speech understanding due to lack of auditory stimulation. People in this situation hear, but do not understand.

According to studies, if we compare two people with a hearing loss, one with a hearing aid and the other without, after 5 years we can see that they will not have had the same decrease in speech understanding due to sensory deprivation.

The person with a hearing aid will have had a decrease of only 1%, while the person without a hearing aid will have had a decrease of 17% in his or her ability to understand.

And what’s more, it is irreversible in many cases.


Greater risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

There is a link between hearing loss and disorders that affect the cognitive system in older people. Research has shown that cognitive disorders occur much more often in seniors who have hearing problems.

  • Cognitive degeneration is 30 to 40% greater in people with hearing loss than in those with normal hearing.
  • Dementia can also be accelerated by untreated hearing loss.
  • Starting at age 75, the risk of developing a degenerative illness like Alzheimer’s disease is 2.5 times greater in people with hearing loss.

This is why it is recommended to test the hearing of older people who are showing early signs of Alzheimer’s or other cognitive disorders.


Help your brain stay healthy

You can help your brain stay healthy. Don’t let your hearing loss get worse over time. If you think you have a hearing loss, get help.

Experts stress the importance of early management of hearing problems.
They suggest seeing a hearing health care professional at the first sign of hearing loss, as well as having a hearing exam every two years after age 50.

Taking care of your hearing health will help you age well and live well!

You have doubts about your hearing or that of a loved one? Make an appointment with a hearing care professional.


Because your ears are talking to us!

If you have any questions about your hearing or that of a loved one, our hearing health professionals will be happy to answer them.  1-888-741-2222

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