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First signs of hearing loss

Hearing loss: recognizing the signs and taking appropriate action

How do you recognize the signs of hearing loss ? The maturity of the ear begins around 40 years. Be assured that it is a perfectly normal phenomenon and does not mean that you are in poor health! Starting at age 65, 1 in 3 people will have a hearing loss, and 1 in 2 starting at 75 years. You are not alone!

Here are some telltale signs of hearing loss

  • You find that your entourage mumbles.
  • You are confusing words (“fog” and “frog”, for example).
  • You often ask people to repeat, you find that they do not speak loud enough, especially the higher pitched voices (women, children).
  • Conversations in public places become difficult to follow: you struggle to focus on the person’s speech because the surrounding noise keeps you from understanding.
  • You always turn up the volume on your television to a high level.
  • You have already missed the ringing of the phone or of the alarm clock because you did not hear it.
  • You feel like you can not hear as before.

If some of these situations describe you, make an appointment with one of our audioprothetists to have your hearing tested.


By Groupe Forget, audioprosthetists, partner of Polyclinique de l’Oreille

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