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Neonatal hearing screening

Neonatal hearing screening

Neonatal screening is recommended for all newborns before the age of one month to detect any hearing problems and ensure proper speech and language development as well as social and academic development.

The neonatal hearing test is quick, and your baby doesn’t have to do anything in particular. A plug is placed inside the baby’s ear and plays sounds. Equipment records the cellular activity occurring in the child’s ear.

If a problem is detected, your audiologist will direct you to the resources and care that are needed. It’s important for a hearing impairment to be detected as early as possible so the appropriate treatment can be given, in order to reduce the impact on your child’s development.

After a successful screening, it’s recommended that all children get a complete hearing test before starting school, to obtain a more precise auditory profile and ensure optimal learning at school.


BY VIRGINIE ROY, Audiologist, Polyclinique de l’Oreille

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