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2 hearing aids

Why two hearing aids?

If you have a hearing loss to both ears, you need two hearing aids.

But why two hearing aids?

There are many advantages of hearing with both ears!

  1. It is much easier to locate where sound is coming from. For example, when you take a walk, you will be able to know where a car is coming from, and if it’s nearby or far away, even when it’s behind you.
  2. The sound amplification is more comfortable and pleasant. In fact, with one hearing aid, amplification must be louder to compensate you ear without a hearing aid. Sounds are less natural, more distorted especially for loud sounds, which can be unpleasant. Hearing aids are made to work in pairs, like speakers or earphones. With 2 hearing aids, amplification is less loud and more balanced since sounds are at the same volume to both ears: sound is more natural and better tolerated. It makes it possible to hear smaller and higher pitch sounds better, like women and children voices.
  3. Better understanding of speech in noisy environment. Whether at a restaurant or at family parties, hearing with both ears allows your brain to better separate speech, pertinent information, from ambient noise, which is information of lesser importance.
  4. The sound quality is superior. It is thus more pleasant to appreciate the talent of the maestro!
  5. Wearing 2 hearing aids also helps to prevent sensory deprivation. If one of your ears suffers from a more important loss and is not fitted with a hearing aid, its capacity to understand speech decreases more than if it was fitted over time.

Thus, it is important to check your hearing on a regular basis to decrease the impact that hearing loss can have on your daily life.
For a consultation or for more informations on the benefits of wearing two hearing aids, do not hesitate to make an appointment with an audioprosthetist now!

By David Gélinas, Stéphane Cérat et Mathieu Vézina, audioprothésistes, Groupe Forget
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