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Cover your tinnitus

Yes, there are applications that relieve tinnitus!

These applications play relaxing sounds or music that provide a comfortable background to your environment that “camouflages” tinnitus. At last you can think! There are sounds and types of music for everyone, from blowing wind to running water, birdsong to ocean waves and more. You choose what you prefer. You can listen to these applications with standard speakers, ear buds when you sleep or conventional earphones. If you have hearing aids with Bluetooth, you can also play the apps directly in your hearing aids.

To help you enrich your sound environment, choose from the free application below.

Applications that relieve tinnitus with Apple

Relaxing Sounds of Nature Lite, by Red Hammer Software

This application offers a wide choice of background music with beautiful screen pictures that go with them. Options include personalizing your music choice by adding other sounds, recording your personalized music, a timer (with volume fade-out at the end of the session) and alarm clock.

Relax Melodies:

A white noise ambiance for sleep, meditation and yoga, by iLBSoft

Relax M. HD (English): You can create your own relaxing music with this application by choosing from 20 sounds. Integrated timer and alarm clock. Screen images not available.

Relax M. O. HD (French): You can create your own relaxing music with this application by choosing from 15 sounds represented by pictures. Options: screen slideshow, clock. Timer not available.

Applications that relieve tinnitus with Android

Music Therapy for sound sleep, by iMobLife Inc.

This application provides general basic sounds with the option to add other sounds to make your own relaxing music. Includes screen images, a timer and an alarm clock.

Relax and Sleep, by Mizu Software

This app is similar to a sound equalizer where you can combine sounds from a vast selection library and adjust the intensity of each one to create your personal music. Options: timer, clock. Screen images not available.


By Marilène Roy, audiologist, Polyclinique de l’Oreille

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